CRHM 2018 - 4 FEB 2018

About Us


Cool Runners - a bunch of 'cool' running enthusiasts who love the joy of 'breath dance'. Initially most were confined to walk or run within YMCA grounds,Nandanam, but our love for running had to be shared with everyone and thus came about Cool Runners and the Cool Runners Republic Day Half Marathon. The annual event is scheduled around our Republic Day. Besides conducting the half marathon and 10K events to spread a message of wellness and the benefits of running, we also support a social cause each year.

Currently our core group has close to 30 runners, most of them are regular full marathoners. Also few of them have gone beyond the boundaries of a full marathon (42.2K) and have completed 50K, 75K and 100K Ultra runs. Our group has one of the best talents in terms of speed and persistence. We, runners, are on the move with activities such as Kalari, Beach Runs, Hill Runs, the regular Long Distance Runs and cross-training. We cool ourselves once a while with family trips and parties. This has united us as The Cool Runners' Family now.